This Week In the News: Technology as a Social Problem

Here are some of the most interesting news links and blog posts from this week regarding technology as a potential social problem.


How to Deal With Someone Unfriending You – MSNBC

Parenting Kids 3.0: How to Raise Healthy Children in a Tech World – PSYCHOLOGY TODAY

Top Ten Issues Shaping Today’s Technology Use in Education – EDUCATION.COM

Too Many Friends on Facebook Bad News for Charities – SCIENCE DAILY

Online Dating Makes Us Picky & Unrealistic – SLASHDOT (Story links to actual scientific study)

Study Finds Online Cheating is Infections – TECHNOLOGY REVIEW

iPhone Hack Makes Users Vulnerable to Phishing/Scams – FIRSTPOST TECHNOLOGY

Kids and the Future of Technology (Five part series) – NEW JERSEY 101.5

Addicted to Technology – Huffington Post & here

Are you addicted to Facebook? – TECHLICIOUS

Excessive video game use can hinder child development – JAKARTA GLOBE

How technology keeps Americans awake at night – LIVESCIENCE

Heavy technology use linked to fatigue, depression, and stress – HUFFINGTON POST

Who has more influence – parents or technology? – SEATTLE PI


– Crystal L.



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